Since 2010, Keen Eye Marketing has redefined how Charleston real estate is seen – and sold. Our clients are sellers, buyers and builders and we help them showcase their properties through stunning, high-definition videos and aerial photography. Our unique video process gives you a “birds-eye” view of some of the finest properties in the area.


Did you know that Keen Eye Marketing is the southeast's industry leader and has photographed nearly $300 million worth of properties since we started?


Our property videos include production using the newest filmmaking technology including vivid, full motion cameras.  Why would you consider investing in a home without seeing it in motion?  Since property listings that include video capture more viewers, they also sell faster.  And real estate agents looking to gain an edge know that their buyers want to experience a property before moving in.  According to the National Association of Realtors, 73% of homeowners prefer to work with an agent who utilizes video to promote their listing.


When you combine our technology with our understanding of real estate marketing, Keen Eye Marketing sets your listings apart.

Here's how it works:


Plan a time that fits your schedule and give us a call.


Our team will arrive fully-equipped with an aerial drone and state-of-the-art cameras for any interior photography needed. In most cases, filming can be completed in less than an hour. We then complete the professional editing in our studio and the draft video is available for you to review in just a few days. Keen Eye Marketing will then work with you until you are completely satisfied with the final product.


We then promote your video through a comprehensive social media and email campaign – ensuring that top industry professionals locally, as well as potential buyers around the globe can view your listing.


Out team is happy to provide our expertise and then make some recommendations for your next steps.


Other professional services that we provide include neighborhood tours, aerial photography of planned communities and agent video-bios. Simply put, working with Keen Eye Marketing demonstrates your commitment to using the latest technology to sell your property quickly and for the highest dollar.

Since 2010, we have filmed hundreds of properties and look forward to working with you soon.


At Keen Eye Marketing, we put real estate in motion for you. Call us today!

The Keen Eye Marketing Team

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Creative Director

Photographer / Editor

Keller James

Business Development

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